About us

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly products

SRS Environnement Inc. has been a fully Canadian company since 1986.

From the beginning, it specializesmainly in solvent recyclers, used worldwide. The unique and proven technology of SRS Environnement Inc.’s recyclers, their simplicity of operation and rapid return on investment have allowed SRS Environnement Inc. to build an excellent reputation in the solvent recycling system industry.

Recycling systems manufactured by SRS Environnement Inc. are CSA approved and comply with UL 2208.

Over the years, SRS Environnement Inc. has diversified its service offering by proposing, among others, evaporators for water-based products.

More recently, in 2016, the Dussault family acquired SRS Environnement Inc. enabling it to expand its market and offer a greater variety of environmental products such as: exhaust systems, oil separators and garage drains.

Today, more than ever, SRS Environnement Inc. is extremelyinvolved in the field of the environment. Our company is constantly on the lookout to meet and exceed the environmental standards in force.