This evaporator has been designed to evaporate wash water glue. Model 175 has a capacity of 65 liters (17USG) and an evaporation rate of 3.6 liters/hour max (1 usg/hr max).


Unlike all other evaporators on the market where cleaning of the unit is very difficult, this unit has a disposable liner bag that holds all residual for easy disposal at the end of the evaporation cycle. Cleaning is almost nil.

Depending on the quantity, the sludge at the end could be fairly hard and can be disposed of in the trash container if not hazardous material and conforms to your local regulations.

A lixiviation test could be run by a certified laboratory to determine if your residue conforms to your local regulations.

How does it work?

Install a liner bag inside the heating tank, fill the bag with a maximum of 65 liters (17 US gallons) of dirty water to evaporate, put the lid and the vapour cone back in place.

Adjust the timer and the temperature and start the system. At the end of the set time, the system will automatically stop heating and when the unit has cooled down, remove the bag containing the waste. You are now ready for another batch.


Electricity : 220V, 1PH, 12.5AMP
Heating Element : 3 KW
Overall Width : 28″
Overall Depth : 38″
Overall Height : 55″
Weight : 235 LBS, (106KG)
Solution Capacity : 65 LT (17usg)
Evaporation Capacity: 4 LT* (1usg)/HR MAX
Inside Tank : ALUMINIUM
Air Mixer Operating : 5 – 12 CFM
Mixing system : YES
Disposable bag : YES