SRS-175 XP


The solvent recovery unit SRS-175 XP has a tank capacity of 66 liters (17.5 US gallons) and a distillation rate of approximately 11-16 liters (3 USgallons) per hour.

How does it work?

Dirty solvent is poured into the disposable bag inside the teflon-lined tank, and the stainless steel lid is replaced and clamped down. As the temperature rises above the boiling point of the solvent being recovered, the solvent vaporizes into a gaseous state through the insulated exhaust tube into the air-cooled condenser where it is condensed into a reusable solvent. The disposable bag containing the remaining solids in the still bottom can then be removed for disposal and the system is ready to process the next batch.


Tank capacity 17.5 US gal. /66 liters
Approximate recovery rate 3 US gal. / 11-16 (liters) per hour)***May differ according to products and % of residue.
Teflon-coated tank
Electrically heated, may reach 450º F (232 ºC)
Air-cooled condenser
De-Sta-C0 lid clamping system
Explosion proof electrical Class 1, Division 1
Temperature controlled electronically
CSA approved certified to UL standard 2208
Liner bags available
Solvent-resistant external finish
Optional : Stainless steel tank & condenser
Optional : Vacuum system, auto-fill System, water separator, etc…

Electrical Features

Explosion Proof Class 1, Division 1
Voltage 220
Cycle 50/60
Amperage 12.5
Power 3 Kw / h


Stainless steel tank liner
Stainless steel condenser
Vacuum system
Manual filling with pump
Automatic filling with pump
Continuous distillation system
Fast cooling system
Water separator for non azeotropic products
Collecting tank for distilled solvent


Width in. (cm) 24 (61)
Height in. (cm) 62 (157)
Length in. (cm) 37 (94)
Weight lbs. (Kg) 254 (115)
13 liters (3,43 US gallons) :
28 liters (7 US gallons) :